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On 1st November 2021 BMCE Bank International changed its name to Bank of Africa United Kingdom to align with the overall group structure and highlight that it's part of the region's largest bank. Other than the change of name there will be no changes to contracts or to the relationships with existing clients.

Bank of Africa United Kingdom plc, formerly known as BMCE Bank International plc, is a leading international bank specialising in African investment. We connect international institutions and investors with a diverse portfolio of investment opportunities on the continent.

Bank of Africa UK structures private sector deals that are below the radar of larger investment banks and beyond the scope of local banks. We offer a full service of investment and wholesale banking facilities with core divisions in Corporate Banking and Financial Markets. We also specialise in providing corporations in Africa with access to international capital markets and financial expertise.

Bank of Africa UK has a proven team of non-executive and executive directors, with many years experience of working across a range of banking sectors and geographical regions. Together we bring an unrivalled knowledge of the opportunities that Africa presents, and the experience and expertise to capitalise upon them.

Our passion for doing business in Africa is driven by our desire to contribute to the long-term development of African economies. We believe that we have identified an approach to doing business on the continent - and in other emerging economies around the world - that creates substantial and long-term opportunities, both for those parties involved in an enterprise and for a wider range of stakeholders.

Bank of Africa UK is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.