Our Values

Bank of Africa UK is an international bank with a passion for Africa. We were set up with the belief that Africa is open for a new kind of business that is modern and African-driven. Our passion for Africa drives our work. As a result of many years of working on the continent, we have detailed experience of business there. We understand the modern cultural and commercial realities of investing in Africa and how best to structure deals and distribute the continent’s opportunities to the wider world.

We believe that successful investment is underscored by ethical principles. All of our work is executed with integrity and transparency to ensure both the highest quality of service and commercial success. We ensure a strong level of corporate governance to provide robust checks on internal systems.

Our staff are key to the success of our business. Their expertise, teamwork and professionalism are the cornerstones of Bank of Africa UK's ability to deliver to the highest international standards. To ensure they can flourish, we have an inclusive approach, respecting all our team members and contacts. This teamwork extends to each of our international offices. We encourage open cooperation between regional offices and our headquarters, creating an environment in which ideas and experience are respected in order to make the best of our teams’ expertise.

We aim to provide efficient and high quality services that respond to our clients’ needs. This requires us to have a close and reliable relationship with our clients.

We have confidence in Africa’s future and a firm belief that the continent provides a wealth of opportunities with decreasing and manageable risks. Opportunities on the continent are increasing due to a combination of sustained economic growth, strengthened political and corporate governance, and macroeconomic reform.