An international wholesale bank focusing on Africa

Bank of Africa UK was launched in 2007 under the name MediCapital Bank as a specialist bank linking international finance with the growing opportunities in Africa. The Bank is headquartered in London with a branch in Paris, a representative office in Zurich and a branch in the UAE DFC.

We have a strong African heritage through our affiliation to our parent BANK OF AFRICA – BMCE Group which has an extensive presence on the ground in Africa. The Bank of Africa Group has a network of bank subsidiaries in 18 countries.

The combination of a presence both in international financial centres and African countries means that Bank of Africa UK is expertly placed to identify new opportunities and forge partnerships to capitalise on them. Our team of specialists ensures a world-class standard of deal structuring and distribution while our extensive distribution network helps sell and place debt or equity raised by African institutions through established financial hubs.

On 1st September 2010, our name was changed to BMCE Bank International Plc. and on 1st November 2021 to Bank of Africa United Kingdom Plc.