Structured Finance

  • Project finance

Expertise in African project finance allows our Corporate Banking division to be competitive whilst adapting financing structures to the operational challenges of each individual project.

  • Large-scale export finance

We facilitate export credits, buyer’s credits and commercial loans. We arrange pre and post export financing in order to secure the best financing mechanisms available.

  • Asset-backed financing

We structure tailor-made solutions that respond to the nature of the company and its needs, offering the most competitive financing terms.

Our main services include :
- Reserves-based lending for oil,
- Gas and mining companies,
- Receivables-backed lending for different types of firms including agri-business, transport or power companies.

To support manufacturers, processors and distributors, our Corporate Banking division offers warehouse financing facilities which are backed by goods, such as commodities. An independent collateral manager monitors these goods and issues warehouse receipts, which allows disbursements of the corresponding credit amounts.
We also provide financing to shipping companies and airlines, secured by vessels or aircrafts.

  • Acquisitions and leverage finance

The Corporate Banking division works very closely with clients to help them design and execute optimal capital structures to fund acquisitions throughout Africa, including cross-border acquisitions, private or public bids, mergers, buy-outs and spin-offs.

  • Working capital needs facilities
These are short-term credit facilities in the form of an overdraft to help clients optimise their cash flow management.
  • Guarantees

We have the ability to issue several types of guarantees to match our clients’ needs. We can issue them ourselves or arrange for one of our local partner banks to issue them. Bank of Africa UK offers bid bonds, performance bonds and timely execution bonds.